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Oral and dental health has become one of the most dynamic and developing sectors in the world in the last ten years. The use of technology, the renewal of the education system and the development of dentists and health staff are the biggest factors in this change. Dental clinic istanbul continues to serve you with its renewed mission and vision and centrally, changing management, specialist physicians and experienced staff, aiming to adapt to the developing technology and era.

Istanbul dental clinics have also adopted the understanding of quality service in coating processes.

As in every sector, prices may vary in dentists according to supply and demand. But of course this is not the only reason. A strong team and state-of-the-art modern medical instruments and devices are required for a successful treatment. Along with the quality of these medical devices and instruments, they come at very high prices in parallel. When the expensiveness of these products and other parameters come into play, the prices increase. Other parameters that determine these prices are;


Number of patients at the dentist

Location of the clinic

The size of your clinic

Number of teams

Education level of the team

Medical Instruments

medical devices


Personalized Dentistry Approach

In order to get personalized dentist service and have your teeth checked every 6 months, you should create your personal dentist system. By working with your family dentist, you can intervene early before your teeth decay. Thus, a dentist that you can always consult with peace of mind for your dentist needs is important for everyone.

In addition, in the clinic, which has technological devices such as Cerec (Cad Cam System), dental microscope, WAND (Computer-assisted anesthesia system) and an advanced sterilization unit; Different treatment options and individual solutions are offered in the fields of implant

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